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Broadband Networks

Tilson helps government and industry successfully deploy broadband solutions to meet the needs of residential, business, and government users. Because Tilson is not an internet service provider, we can provide unbiased advice and support for communities looking to bring broadband service to their citizens with an eye towards long term investment and sustainability. Tilson provides consulting solutions that are sensitive to regulatory issues, interaction with incumbent providers, and the public interest. Tilson provides:

  • Broadband planning and business modeling
  • Network design
  • Fiber network deployment
  • Wireless network deployment

With employees in 10 states, Tilson provides broadband development services across a range of geographies. During the recent spate of federally funded American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) broadband projects, Tilson managed the deployment of over 2,400 miles of new fiber optic facilities in several states, including broadband service into 1400 community anchor institutions. On one recently completed New England project, Tilson managed the build out of 107 broadband connected public computing centers in rural libraries. Tilson’s network construction team is currently building out AT&T’s cellular LTE network in upstate New York, Sprint’s LTE network in several Southeastern States, and designing publicly owned last mile fiber to the home (FTTH) networks in over 40 municipalities on the east coast. At Tilson, we are passionate about bringing broadband universal service to every community, and believe that broadband is a critical public utility that is required for a community’s health and sustainability. See Tilson CEO’s 2012 TEDx talk on broadband: http://bit.ly/16EeCYA


When MBI won a large federal stimulus grant to build a 1,300 mile lit fiber optic network in Western Massachusetts, Tilson won a bid to be MBI’s owner’s project manager and consulting engineer. Tilson helped the MBI through the RFP process of a design builder, and worked on behalf of the network owner to manage the construction, testing, and acceptance of the network.