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Distribution Automation, Design, Deployment and Maintenance

The goal of Advanced Distribution Automation is real-time adjustment to changing loads, generation, and failure conditions of the distribution system, usually without operator intervention. This necessitates control of field devices, which implies enough Information Technology (IT) development to enable automated decision making in the field and relaying of critical information to the utility control center.  

Much as with our program of AMI design and implementation, Tilson utilizes a broad spectrum of wired and wireless technologies, to help vendors and operators select, design, implement and integrate the transport technology that best meets their specific needs for Distribution Automation.  With deep experience in commercial and government wireless and terrestrial networks, Tilson brings distribution automation projects to fruition on time, and within budget, each time, every time.   Accurate modeling of distribution operations supports optimal decision making at the control center and in the field.

Tilson is currently leading a recloser automation program to enhance Avangrid’s smart grid capabilities. Beginning with Rochester Gas and Electric (RG&E), New York State Electric and Gas (NYSEG), and then to Central Maine Power (CMP), the purpose of the program is to provide secure IP Network remote control from both primary and backup ECC (Energy Control Center) / SCADA Master Stations of both RTUs (Remote Terminal Units) and IEDs (Intelligent Electronic Devices) using the DNP3 Standard.