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AMI Design, Deployment and Maintenance

Tilson partners with power, gas, and water utilities, and their OEM vendors, world-wide,  to implement and engineer advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) systems.  With a broad spectrum of wired and wireless technologies to choose from, Tilson helps vendors and operators select, design, implement and integrate the transport technology that best meets their specific needs,  on time and within budget. With deep experience in commercial and government wireless and terrestrial networks, Tilson brings utility grade reliability to telecom networks in the field. 

Working either on behalf of utilities directly, or as subcontractors to OEM vendors, Tilson focuses on design and implementation using an OEM’s equipment. In many markets, Tilson has local engineering and implementation teams who can validate designs on the ground, optimize designs, and add moment to deployments. Once a utility defines an implementation objective, Tilson acts as the ‘get it done guys’ for local deployment, testing, optimization, and maintenance. Tilson has the ability to surge a dozen skilled technicians to a local project on short notice.

To help speed AMI implementations along, Tilson has an internal staff site acquisition team that help utilities acquire the rights to site wireless and network equipment on towers and other structures.  Learn more about site aquisition at Tilson.

Tilson recently took a leading role in deploying, and still maintains a 620,000 meter implementation network for Avangrid, and has recently helped Pacific Gas & Electric and the Victoria Electric Cooperative on AMI deployments in rural areas.