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Wireless Construction and Construction Management

IMG_2565.jpgTilson self performs wireless site constructions services, with line & antenna, civil, and power plant crews with garages and warehouses in Maine, New York, Pennsylvania, and Alabama. Tilson currently has 10 crews in the field, and is adding around one new crew per month. Tilson teams in the field have recent experience constructing and servicing:

  • Cellular LTE
  • Cellular HSPA+
  • Cellular UMTS
  • Cellular EVDO (all revs)
  • Microwave, both local backhaul (small dishes) and long haul (large dishes)
  • Satellite radio local distribution
  • Trunked Land Mobile Radio (LMR) for public safety

Tilson works hard to finish sites safely, quickly, and with attention to detail, and can typically deploy an error free and fully documented/closed out full scope LTE site in three days.

Tilson takes safety in wireless construction very seriously and is currently using the National Association of Tower Erectors (NATE) STAR safety program. Click here to learn more about the NATE STAR program. Tilson uses all ComTrain certified climbers on Tilson paper, regardless of past certification or experience. Please click here to learn more about our safety culture and program.