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Small Cell and DAS Deployment

Tilson provides installation, commissioning, and maintenance services for both indoor and outdoor Distributed Antenna System (DAS) and small cell operators to provide both coverage and capacity in places where people gather and transit- campuses, event spaces and arenas, hard to cover roads, outdoor urban space, roadways, rail corridors, and tunnels.

Tilson completed LTE DAS deployments in the Tip O’Neill and Ted Williams road tunnels under Boston, sections of the now complete big dig. Tilson helped test and evaluate what existing fiber and coaxial cable could be reused, upgraded and replaced inside and outside plant cabling, installed and racked head end equipment, added and repaired electrical drops and powered antennas, and commissioned and tested the system. Tilson went above and beyond the required specification by double protective coating exposed metal parts to guard against the acid wash used to clean the tunnels and salty spray thrown up by traffic in the winter.

 Tilson brings a mix of telecom skills to the table to run successful DAS and small cell projects, including: 

  • Rights acquisition, including utility pole attachment

  • RF optimization

  • Structured cabling and outside plant design

  • Structured cabling and outside plant installation

  • Fiber testing and characterization

  • Procurement and logistics

  • Network equipment installation

  • Power, grounding, and supporting civil construction

  • System integration with carrier backhaul

  • Testing and commissioning

 While Tilson provides inside cabling and OSP design services, we do not self-perform DAS design.