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Liza Quinn

Senior Consultant

Liza Hartmann Quinn brings her background in energy, telecommunications and town planning to her role as a Senior Consultant at Tilson. In the energy sector she worked with power producers and utilities to lower their cost of service and increase revenues. She also worked on teams to secure project and corporate financing, and provide analytical support to acquisitions and divestitures. Liza's telecommunications background started with cost modeling, pricing and transactional support of wholesale services, and progressed to a role a general manager of a $77 million colocation services business unit providing space, power, security, and interconnection services to large telecommunications customers. At Tilson, Liza has worked with federal, state and local clients on broadband planning, partner selection, community engagement, and business model analysis. She holds an AB from Dartmouth College and an MBA and an MFS from Yale University. She has taught Macroeconomics at SMCC has was on the Cape Elizabeth Planning Board for several years.