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Broadband and Energy

Tilson helps communities, network owners, and government agencies design and deploy networks serving a range of applications. Tilson has worked with clients throughout New England as well as in New York State. As a result of working for such a diverse set of clients, we offer substantial experience with a variety of wired and wireless technologies and are well positioned to provide unbiased consultation driven by your specific needs.

The Broadband and Engineering Consulting practice leans on Tilson’s world-class engineering and project management businesses to maintain a pulse on the cutting edge of the market. Despite Tilson’s complementary business lines, our broadband consulting is technology-neutral. We focus on providing the best solution for each client’s specific needs.

Tilson provides clients with key information that communities and their stakeholders will need in order to make decisions about connectivity for their organization or region. Once the planning phase is complete, Tilson also has the ability to support its clients and key stakeholders through additional phases of work. Because Tilson is not a carrier or Internet Service Provider (ISP) itself, we have the unique ability to provide technology-neutral consulting follow-on services.

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Email us at broadband@tilsontech.com for more information.