Tilson Helps New Hampshire DOT Make the Everett Turnpike Safer and Ready for the Future

The Everett Turnpike is a 44-mile highway that runs from the New Hampshire/Massachusetts border to Nashua, carrying well over 100,000 vehicles per day.* In 2005, the New Hampshire Department of Transportation (NHDOT) added the EZ-Pass system to speed toll collection and help reduce the risk of accidents. While that was a good step, in 2016 they decided to take the Turnpike to “smart road” status with an Advanced Transportation Management System (ATMS) that includes Intelligent Transportation System field devices connected to the state’s Transportation Management Center (and “Data Fusion Hub”).


The sheer scale as well as the breadth of skills required to build smart roads make them complex design build projects. Hundreds of sensors, cameras, microwave motor vehicle detection systems and transmitters need to collect and move huge amounts of data. The whole system hinges on the fiber optic and wireless networks that need to perform flawlessly, around the clock.

The challenges, however, go beyond the concrete, steel and electronics. ATMS projects are subject to unique standards for interoperability and security, and to anticipate autonomous vehicle communication and control. Certifications and performance bonding are critical; these are multi-million dollar, taxpayer funded projects that impact millions of people, and providers need to guarantee on-time completion and competent execution.


Tilson was awarded the project after submitting a proposal that defined a three-party team: Tilson, the IBI Group and MobilityTech. IBI and MobilityTech provided transportation engineering and project management services. Tilson oversaw project execution, performed network engineering, and took the lead on civil construction, and testing and acceptance.

Tilson’s network engineering and network deployment teams took on the RF engineering and network design, and deployed the wireless network. In fact, Tilson started pre-project planning prior to hearing the State’s decision, just so they could hit the ground running if they landed the project.

Paving the Way for the Future of Transportation

The Everett Turnpike represents New Hampshire’s commitment to providing its citizens and visitors safe, enjoyable transportation experiences. With superior vehicle surveillance, police and first responders can be more effective. Intelligent transportation reduces the risks to construction and maintenance crews. Portable and permanent signs convey weather and road conditions. With all these advantages, the future of transportation looks bright indeed.

* www.bostonroads.com/roads/everett/

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