Global Supply Chain System Development and Deployment for TWI

Tilson helped defense and petrochemical logistics company Theodor Wille Interdrade (TWI) build a global supply chain to deliver food, tools and building materials to U.S. troops and industry in Europe, the Middle East, and Central Asia for the Defense Logistics Agency and the General Services Administration.

Tilson software developers maintained continuous contact with business stakeholders as it moved through the development process to ensure that it included all the requested features and functionality. Tilson also utilized structured internal project management and QA procedures, including its own testing and release regime to assure the quality of the software delivered to TWI’s internal QA and project management team.

Tilson also Tilson also built a global wide-area network for TWI, virtualized server infrastructure and resilient back-up system. Tilson assisted TWI with networking, hosting and performance tuning to ensure fast and responsive delivery for their business units and U.S. government customers, even those deployed in combat zones.

Tilson implemented an Oracle-based ERP system, built and integrated a custom supplier and purchasing management system, and implemented a warehouse management program across three continents.The system includes a web portal to automate tasks and a mobile application that enables military units in the field to procure supplies and manage vendors.

The system was later licensed to entities such as Defense Supply Center Philadelphia (DSCP), the General Services Administration (GSA) and Dyncorp International.

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