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Tilson Launches PRO-Link

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Connect Your Home Office with Your Field Office

CEOs, CFOs, VPs of Construction and on-site managers each need a different view into the complex data that is now part of every project. IT professionals often struggle to access and integrate data stored in myriad, disparate data end points and then create customized reports that contain actionable information each stakeholder needs, in the field and in the office.

PRO-LINK solves for that challenge, allowing you to integrate data in the Procore cloud data store with on-premise enterprise applications and spreadsheets. PRO-LINK establishes total operational visibility into integrated project planning data and generates customized reports that enable time and money saving project management decisions.

PRO-LINK’s features allow you to:

  • Extend Procore functionality & advanced analytics
  • Design customized project data reports
  • Configure notification triggers that prompt executives and field teams when data changes
  • Set documentation monitoring and data change alerts to ensure compliance
  • Schedule data draw-down or retrieve data on-demand
  • Integrate Procore budget data with your accounting system, job costing and other construction business process systems

Project Data Where You Need It, When You Need It

PRO-LINK connects every party in your project to the information they need to optimize workflow, even when schedules shift and the scope of work changes. PRO-LINK puts you in control of the budget, schedule and operational balancing decisions, helping you reduce project risk and control business outcomes.

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