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Tilson Technology Management and Telecom Strategies & Facilities Announce Joint Venture

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PORTLAND, ME (May 27 2010) Tilson Technology Management (TTM) and Telecom Strategies and Facilities (TS&F) today announced their joint venture: Tilson Fiber Technology, LLC (TFT). The partnership brings together two leaders in the fiber technology industry, thus expanding their ability to serve clients in Maine, nationally, and worldwide.

Tilson Fiber Technology (TFT) combines the fiber optic expertise of Telecom Strategies & Facilities with Tilson Technology Management’s project management, back office, and technical support expertise. TFT will focus on construction and project management, and business start-up, sustainment and administration for dark fiber networks. With the announcement, Joshua Broder, TFT’s President, promoted the immediate benefits. “This venture makes us stronger. Mark Curtis is a leader in the industry and we are proud to partner with him in this exciting new venture,” Broder continued, “Mark has built over 250 miles of fiber for MaineCom and other entities while establishing a firm reputation as an effective project manager in a challenging industry. His skills compliment the project management and administrative teams at Tilson.”

Mark Curtis on the joint venture: “The partnership with Tilson allows me to leverage the support and resources I need to better serve my existing customers and to increase my client base.” Curtis went on to discuss working with the Tilson family of companies. “Joshua Broder and the Tilson team’s demonstrated commitment to fiber construction around the country, and ability to scale quick will enable Tilson Fiber Technology to tackle even the biggest jobs.”

Already under contract with the Maine Fiber Company, Inc. (MFC), TFT has taken the lead in managing New England’s biggest fiber project ever - the construction, maintenance and leasing of a $32 Million, 1,100-mile, high-capacity fiber optic network funded in part by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act economic stimulus bill.