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Tilson Adds Veteran, Guard, and Reserve support program

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Tilson is a veteran owned company, with many veteran employees, contractors, and suppliers, some still serving in the guard and reserve. Veteran employees have some unique needs in the transition to civil employment, and those that continue to serve in the national guard and reserve forces require support to integrate their service with their work responsibilities.


The Tilson Veteran, Guard and Reserve (VGR) program is Tilson’s opportunity to help invigorate the commercial work force with veterans and service members.  Tilson offers career opportunities as we serve our nation again by building America’s information infrastructure. Tilson offers support to veterans of the uniformed services, members of the National Guard, and the Reserve Forces in an effort to energize our culture of support as they continue to serve our great nation. The Tilson VGR program includes-

  • Efforts to recruit and retain both veterans and members of the Guard and Reserve and support them in their service obligations
  • Helping veteran employees maximize their veterans benefits along with corporate benefit offerings
  • Providing career counseling, support and information resources to Tilson’s veteran employees
  • Providing updates to employees Veterans Administration, Guard Bureau and Reserve policies
  • Providing monthly professional development forums for veterans and uniformed services
  • Publishing an annual newsletter with VGR relevant key stories, benefits updates and service changes

To that end, Ted Perry, a Tilson consultant and project manager has stepped up to direct our VGR program. Ted recently added a VGR page to the Tilson website at