Tilson's Infrastructure Affiliate Brings More Bandwidth and Less Headache to NJ Town

Tilson’s customer, a major wireless communications service provider, needed to add more capacity to meet the growing demand for bandwidth in a northern New Jersey shore town. The optimal way to meet customer demand was to increase network density by deploying a small wireless facility on a utility pole.


Tilson surveyed existing utility poles and found an excellent candidate that met the service provider’s coverage requirements and provided needed access to power and fiber optic cable. However, the pole was in poor repair and was owned by the municipality, who did not want to deal with the hassle of replacing and maintaining the pole. 


Tilson entered into an agreement with the municipality to own and operate the pole within the municipality’s right-of-way. Tilson replaced the pole, installed a functioning light fixture, and addressed the engineering challenges associated with placing a pole immediately adjacent to a canal. The major wireless communications provider was able to access existing power and fiber runs, thereby minimizing disruptions related to roadside construction. 

Providing Elemental Infrastructure to Solve Our Customers' Toughest Challenges

By taking ownership of a municipal-owned pole, Tilson was able to upgrade an existing utility pole to provide better wireless service to a community with a design that minimized roadside construction.