Tilson's Infrastructure Affiliate Closes Coverage Gap

A wireless carrier was looking for a solution to improve its network coverage near a public venue that experienced peaks in customer demand.   


A national wireless carrier needed to place several small wireless facilities in an area with underground utilities that was lacking attachment-ready utility pole infrastructure. The area was on an approach to a public venue on private property, and therefore not eligible for siting via the public right of way process.


Tilson negotiated a long-term lease with a private property owner for rights to own and operate small wireless facilities. Tilson then designed and permitted replacement fixtures that integrated the original light fixtures with structures manufactured to conceal the wireless node and blend into the streetscape. Tilson’s structural engineers designed a helical anchor foundation that requires less digging and restoration and offers faster installation times than traditional concrete foundations. 

Providing Elemental Infrastructure to Solve Our Customers Toughest Challenges

Tilson provides a customized solution that included site selection, permitting, engineering, construction and pole development services along a frequently traveled road on private property.