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Tilson Tuesdays, Ryan Curley

For this week’s #tilsontuesdays employee highlight, meet Ryan Curley!

Ryan is an Outside Plant (OSP) Project Manager based in Phoenix, Arizona. He has been with Tilson for about a year and half and is responsible for managing fiber projects in his region. This includes coordinating the many moving pieces across Tilson teams and ensuring we hit project deadlines and milestones on time.

For Ryan, seeing the way Tilson has grown and expanded has been a professional highlight. When he joined a little over a year ago, Tilson had just entered the Arizona market and didn’t yet have an established presence. Ryan and his team were responsible for building and launching Tilson’s processes and projects and he is (rightfully) proud of the work they’ve done to turn it into what is now one of our largest fiber markets.

Ryan is a veteran of the U.S. Army and was both an infantry medic for three years and an orthopedic and surgery rehab tech for another three. In his free time, Ryan likes to ride his motorcycle, play video games, and read. He also enjoys working out and says lifting weights is his way to relax and unwind. He has a pet cat named Bonnie who Ryan says, “is pretty cool.”

Fun fact: Ryan is a semi-professional level chess player and has won several state and regional-level championships. His chess instructor was the same person who taught Nicolas Cage and Will Smith.

We love having you on the team, Ryan, and appreciate everything that you do!

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