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Tilson Tuesdays, Jordan Goodwin

For this week’s #tilsontuesdays employee highlight, meet Jordan!

Jordan is a Fiber Splicer based out of Tilson’s Appleton, WI office and is responsible for splicing fiber, troubleshooting to resolve signal problems, and working with Tilson’s drill rig, The Wicked Nor’Easter. 

“I like working at Tilson because they have a very progressive, safety-first, and quality-focused approach to what we are doing,” said Jordan. “We have been given the best equipment and support. All of the team work together and share the goal of making this self-perform crew one of the best in the business. I enjoy fiber splicing because it brings me satisfaction knowing I’m bringing the best service to our customers and their clients. Splicing has been a fulfilling and exciting career for me. I’m excited to be a part of this great team and see where my career grows with Tilson.”

Outside of work, Jordan enjoys golfing, grilling, hiking, hunting, and fishing. Jordan is from northern Minnesota and now lives in Appleton, Wisconsin. Jordan’s favorite genre of movies is comedy, he enjoys reading in his spare time, and his favorite food is hibachi steak. 

Fun Fact: Jordan has a lifelong passion for fishing – growing up he would wake up at sunrise to fish before heading to school. 

Thanks for all your hard work, Jordan! We’re glad to have you on the team.

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