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Tilson Tuesdays, Joe Harrison

In honor of Veterans Day, this month we’re featuring a few of our veteran team members for our Tilson Tuesdays employee highlight. This week, meet Joe Harrison!

Joe joined Tilson with 23 years of experience in the U.S. Army, working in countries around the world while serving in positions such as chief of staff, senior course instructor, senior operations leader, and senior program manager. As a proud West Point graduate, Joe now co-hosts a podcast called “Through the Gray” which shares the unique stories of fellow West Point graduates from the class of 2001, the last class to graduate before 9/11 and consequently experience the major military and civilian changes that followed.

As our Director of User Experience (UX), Joe leads a team dedicated to implementing large-scale process improvements through new technologies and system refinement. For example, a current project Joe leads is integrating project data into a new platform that will allow for greater automation, collaboration, and data insights across Tilson’s internal teams.

When asked about what it’s like to work at Tilson, Joe commented that “We have a great mixture of experience and talent that is open to developing and growing through the process of tackling challenging work.” For Joe, it’s this innovative and driven culture that makes his work enjoyable and fulfilling.

In the military, Joe often collaborated with multiple stakeholders and diverse partners to successfully accomplish complex projects. It was through these experiences that he honed his ability to build strong relationships through trust and open communication. These skills now serve him in the civilian sector. At Tilson, we appreciate the experience and skills gained through military service and look for ways to help service members successfully transition to new careers at Tilson. As Joe describes it, “Tilson’s culture mirrors many of the best aspects of military culture. I was able to transition from the U.S. Army, an organization with a high level of professionalism, composure, and integrity, and move seamlessly into another at Tilson.”

Joe currently lives in Washington state on his farm with three horses, four dogs, two cats, three ducks, 15 chickens, and a lone beta fish. To unwind, Joe enjoys going outside to hike in the woods. Despite living in the Pacific Northwest, he is a Tennessee Titans fan and considers BBQ his favorite food.

Fun fact: At West Point, Joe was a member of the West Point Parachute Team and has completed 333 skydives!

We appreciate all that you do for us here at Tilson, Joe, and thank you for your many years of service.

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