Tilson Tuesdays, Melanie Dorn

For this week's #tilsontuesdays employee highlight, meet Melanie!

Originally an intern, then an extern, Melanie is now a Staff Attorney in Portland, ME on the TAG (Telecom Advocacy Group) team at Tilson, where she works on permitting small cell and tower sites. She is responsible for doing the initial research on permitting requirements, anticipating hurdles, and working with the jurisdiction and project team to submit applications and acquire permits on time.

“I enjoy working at Tilson because there is always something new to learn, and it's a fascinating area of law to work in; seeing how the areas of land use and utilities law interact with federal regulations is really interesting," says Melanie. "I also love that everyone here is willing to lend a hand or share their knowledge. I would describe the company culture at Tilson as fast-paced and collaborative while still valuing quality over quantity, which I really appreciate about working here.”

Outside of work (in a non-pandemic world), Melanie enjoys playing soccer, horseback riding, traveling, and spending time with family and friends. During COVID-19, she enjoys playing Dungeons and Dragons, taking care of her house plants, and going on hikes in the Adirondacks. Melanie’s favorite food is fried clams and lobster rolls, and she has a cat named MJ!

Fun fact: When Melanie was looking to adopt a cat, she knew she had found the perfect one when she saw a cat named "Mellie" on the shelter’s website, which is Melanie’s nickname! She calls her MJ now – short for Mellie Junior.

We’re lucky to have you at Tilson, Melanie! Thank you for all your hard work.


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