Tilson Tuesdays, Ken Monblatt


In recognition of National Veterans and Military Families Month, we are highlighting some of the veterans and active service members we are honored to work with here at Tilson. For this week’s #tilsontuesdays highlight, meet Ken!

Ken is the Vice President of Consulting and is responsible for the consulting group’s operations, growth, and new products and services.

Ken has served six years in the Navy as a Rescue Swimmer (Sea Air Rescue), three years in active duty, and three years in the reserves. During his time as a rescue swimmer, Ken was responsible for the monitoring, rescue, and emergency medical aid for persons in distress in the sea, on the land, or in the air. “The Navy gave me the maturity, discipline, and inspiration to really define my future,” said Ken. “When I transitioned out of active duty, it was like I got shot out of a cannon with a laser focus on what I wanted in life – I was on a mission!”

For those who are transitioning to the civilian sector, Ken has this advice: “Take inventory of what is important to you and make that your priority. It’s not always about defining what you want to be, it’s just as important to understand your priorities in life and what you don’t want to be.”

Outside of work, Ken enjoys camping with family, riding his bike, and spending time in the mountains. In his spare time, Ken also builds and flies remote control jets that can have over a 7’ wingspan and go up to 200 miles an hour! Ken is originally from Annapolis, Maryland and now lives in Denver, Colorado, where he has three dogs, a pigmy goat, and a barn cat. His favorite team is the Denver Broncos, his favorite food is seafood, and his favorite movie is “Top Gun”.

Fun Fact: Ken is currently building a log home on a mountain top in a small quiet town west of Denver. He’s hoping to permanently move his family there this spring!

Thank you for your leadership, Ken, and for your service to our country!

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