Tilson Tuesdays, Bryan Kearse


For this week's #tilsontuesdays employee highlight, meet Bryan!

Bryan is the Director of Infrastructure Development, Poles and is responsible for the sales and business development of small cell poles for Tilson Infrastructure.  

“Tilson has a great mix of personalities, eye-opening projects, and a team filled with fantastic work ethic,” said Bryan. “There is a ‘start-up vibe’ that speaks to my entrepreneurial roots.”

Outside of work, Bryan enjoys designing and building things such as home improvements, vintage sports cars, and landscaping projects. Bryan is originally from Gastonia, North Carolina and is a huge NC State Wolfpack fan. He loves spicy food, BBQ, and funny Christmas movies like “Love Actually” and “Christmas Vacation.”

Fun Fact: Bryan mentors college students through the NC State Entrepreneurship Clinic. He meets with students once a month to discuss their startup dreams, advise on next steps, and connect them to others that can provide capital, legal services, etc.

We’re lucky to have you at Tilson, Bryan! Thank you for all your hard work.


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