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Laying the Foundation: Building Fiber Networks with Safety and Teamwork at the Core

At Tilson, we recognize that our success is rooted in the leadership, dedication, and hard work of our team members. In Las Vegas, Senior Construction Manager Marcos Jaramillo leads our fiber construction projects, ensuring high-speed internet access for local communities. As a key leader on Tilson’s Outside Plant team, Marcos prioritizes safety, fosters teamwork, and draws on experience to drive results. He cultivates an environment of collaboration, open communication, mutual respect, and challenges are tackled together. His proactive leadership not only drives project efficiency but reinforces our team culture and our mission to build America’s information infrastructure.

On the Ground Leadership

As a Senior Construction Manager, Marcos oversees four field construction managers and their crews of construction experts. Their job is to install fiber internet using the latest construction tools and technologies, including horizontal directional drills.

Marcos has firsthand experience with every aspect of the work and the safest methods to execute it, having performed the tasks himself throughout his career. He first started in telecommunications as a laborer before becoming a utility locator. After being promoted to supervisor, Marcos led teams in executing open trench and drilling operations and gained experience as an estimator and a business development manager. He joined Tilson in 2023 as a Field Construction Manager before advancing to his current role as Senior Construction Manager.

Apart from Marcos’s technical expertise, he also understands the key aspects of being part of a successful field team. He recognizes the safety challenges, physical demands, and rewards of the industry. Marcos fosters a supportive and safe environment, and the wellbeing of his team is what drives him.

“The most rewarding part of my job is looking back to see what my team and I have accomplished together – I find fulfillment in witnessing the tangible results of our collective efforts. Additionally, being able to mentor and promote others who demonstrate dedication and hard work adds another layer of satisfaction to my role.”

Marcos is backed by Tilson’s culture, which puts our employees’ safety first. We can only succeed as a company when our team members are given the tools and support to succeed in their individual roles.

“Tilson’s culture prioritizes its employees and values open, straightforward communication. That kind of environment can really empower employees to do their best work and feel supported in their roles,” Marcos added.

Safety Leads to Success

Just as safety is Tilson’s top core value, Marcos emphasizes that team success relies on everyone’s safety. He advocates for comprehensive safety training, ensures proper use of protective equipment, and conducts regular safety inspections. At Tilson, safety is led by operations, with construction managers like Marcos setting the example. With years of field experience, Marcos is aware of job risks and constantly seeks improvements. For instance, his team uses horizontal directional drills to lay fiber conduit underground, avoiding hazardous trenches and ensuring safety for the team and the public.

It’s leaders like Marcos, grounded in safety and collaboration, who have driven Tilson’s nationwide expansion of our fiber operations. Yet, Marcos emphasizes that the credit isn’t just his:

“At the end of the day, it’s you and your team pulling together that gets you through.”

Join the Tilson Team

For those eager to enter the field or join Tilson, Marcos emphasizes the importance of prioritizing team safety and wellbeing. “Your success depends on your team’s strength,” he advises. New team members are encouraged to approach the job with a willingness to learn and a determination to grow.

If you’re interested in joining our expanding team, Tilson is hiring nationwide as we build America’s information infrastructure.

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