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Tilson Tuesdays, Amanda Charland

For this week’s #tilsontuesdays employee highlight, meet Amanda!

Amanda is a Senior Accountant based out of Tilson’s Portland, ME headquarters and is responsible for reconciling accounts on Tilson’s balance sheet and making sure our Selling, General, and Administrative (SG&A) expenses are accurate.

“I often get asked why I like working at Tilson,” said Amanda. “The first thing I always mention is how employee-centric it is from the top down.”

Outside of work, Amanda enjoys spending time with family and friends, doing outdoor projects, and going on family hiking adventures. Amanda’s favorite team is the Patriots, she loves any movie with Mark Wahlberg in it, and she has a dog named Bear and two cats named Hazel and Quincy.

Fun fact: Amanda grew up playing the flute and saxophone and minored in music in college. She even played a few tunes at her wedding with the band!

Thanks for all your hard work, Amanda! We’re glad to have you on the team.

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