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Can You Dig It? Horizontal Directional Drills Keep Tilson on Top

Join One of The Fastest Growing Companies in the U.S

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Telecommunications is one of the fastest growing industries in the world in large part due to the advancement of mobile technologies and the increasing demand for high-speed data services. Tilson, a leading multi-specialty telecommunications services firm, is scaling at an unprecedented rate to deliver our customers’ networks. Tilson has been recognized 12 consecutive years on the Inc 5000 list of fastest growing private companies and seven consecutive years on the ENR 600 list of Specialty Contractors.

Tilson’s self-perform underground construction division accounts for the largest share of this growth. Our fiber teams are deploying thousands of miles of fiber and connecting tens of thousands of premises each year using highly specialized horizontal directional drills. The result provides consumers with high-speed internet connection no matter where they live.

Why Join Tilson?

We value our teams and empower them to do their best work through top-notch training, a culture of shared respect, and state of the art equipment, including our horizontal directional drills. These drills are unique, each with a distinctive design, name, and personality. Not only does this set us apart from our competitors but it also builds team camaraderie and company culture. From The Angler in Idaho to The Longhorn in Texas, our drills and drill teams are critical to our mission to design and build networks that keep people, organizations, and machines connected. As our fleet of drills grows larger, Tilson is hiring additional team members. From drill operators to project coordinators, we’re hiring in the field, for remote positions, and at our 20+ office locations nationwide. You may find yourself working alongside The Bison in Wyoming, The Ringtail in Arizona, The Muskie in Wisconsin, or with one of our many other unique drills.

Back to Basics: What is a horizontal directional drill?

A horizontal directional drill is an advanced piece of machinery that allows our operators to install fiber cables underground in a precise and environmentally conscious way. This trenchless technology uses equipment launched from the surface to drill horizontally underground. First, the drill creates a single-entry point in the soil. The drill is then advanced underground and guided by a sophisticated tracking system controlled from the surface.

The Whitetail, a horizontal directional drill owned and operated by Tilson Tech to deploy fiber cables underground.

Length by length, the drill makes its way to the designated exit point, where it emerges. With the desired route now defined and drilled, the fiber cable and fiber infrastructure are pulled back through the newly created subterranean path as the drill retreats. In this way, we can deploy fiber over great lengths without having to dig a disruptive and time-consuming open trench.

.Bessy, a drill operating in Wisconsin named for that region’s famous dairy cows.

Thanks to these drills, we save time and energy deploying fiber. More importantly, we greatly reduce our impact on the local environment. We no longer need to dig a large trench to lay fiber, which displaces local plants and animals, poses a safety risk for falls, and causes problems for existing infrastructure. To recognize and celebrate the positive impact of our drills, we name each one after the native plants, local animals, and regional cultural icons that benefit from this environmentally conscious approach.

If horizontal drilling is not for you, Tilson has on average over a hundred other positions on our wireless construction, engineering, and project management teams. If you or someone you know is looking for a new career at a growing, mission-driven company using the latest advanced telecommunications technology, apply to join our team. Learn more about our company and connect with us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to learn how Tilson fulfills its mission to build America’s information infrastructure.

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