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Forging Partnerships: Key Insights from CFMA 2024

By Trudi Fenster, AVP of Construction Technology

Tilson has been a proud member and exhibitor at the Construction Financial Management Association (CFMA) Conference for over a decade. Each year, Tilson joins construction technology leaders at CFMA to network and exchange insights on the latest technology innovations. While the technical expertise gained is invaluable, my main takeaway from this year’s conference underscores the importance of relationships in shaping a successful technology strategy. It’s evident that the individuals driving this strategy are just as vital as the technologies themselves, signifying the importance of fostering strong industry connections.

Building Long-Lasting Technology Partnerships

While CFMA featured the customary sessions highlighting the latest technologies and best practices to gain a competitive edge in the construction industry, it also delved into topics addressing the human aspects of technology. This included sessions on effective leadership, managing teams, and improving communication with vendors and subcontractors. While each attendee came with different technology goals, the common thread connecting everyone was the need to build effective relationships both inside and outside the company to be successful and drive growth. You can buy the latest and greatest technology, but if you don’t have the right partner to help implement and optimize it, failure is inevitable.

During the conference, someone asked me, “What is Tilson’s ideal customer profile?” While the obvious response might be technology focused; the answer is much more than that. Customers partner with Tilson because we are their trusted construction technology partner, adept at cultivating long-lasting relationships, driving business growth, and expertly managing their technological requirements. Our expertise goes beyond one-off projects; clients form ongoing partnerships with Tilson to lead organizational change and facilitate digital transformation.

As Tilson’s most established business unit, our consultancy division brings over 25 years of expertise in assisting customers in selecting, integrating, and optimizing the latest construction technologies. Our consultants come from the construction industry and understand the unique technological requirements that enable organizations to stay connected, keep safe, remain competitive, and scale effectively.

I believe that the people within an organization are the driving force behind its success. At Tilson, we understand that our success is not solely determined by technological advancements, but also by the relationships we cultivate and sustain. While construction technology is at the core of our business, our passion lies in the people we serve. The Tilson team looks forward to connecting with you and assisting you in your digital transformation journey.

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