Tilson Software Developers Bring Broadway Shows Online

Have you always wanted to see a show on Broadway but just couldn’t get to New York? No worries. If you can’t get to Broadway, get to BroadwayHD! BroadwayHD is an online streaming service that allows you to enjoy recorded and live-streamed Broadway and off-Broadway performances in your home, at a movie theater and mobile device.


BroadwayHD co-founders Stewart F. Lane and Bonnie Comley had a vision for expanding the reach of the theater. They had been recording shows and airing them via PBS or other traditional media avenues since 2013, but had not used the Internet. They needed someone to develop a solution that would process, archive and make available the massive files that are generated when recording a live Broadway production, while ensuring the content is paid for and copyright protected.


While you might think of Tilson as a leading application developer for construction software, it turns out that Tilson’s team can use their skills on file management and broadband connectivity for the arts as well.

Tilson developed a tailored platform for BroadwayHD by first getting a full understanding for what BroadwayHD envisioned, then assessing the technical specifications for rich media transport as well as the security features to protect and maximize monetizing digital content. They designed BroadwayHD to be a subscription service that allows yearly, monthly access. You also can “rent” a performance for a limited period.

Tilson also coordinated efforts with Serino Coin, the website development agency that BroadwayHD engages, providing the back-end marketing automation, demand-generation and tracking systems.

All the World’s a Stage

What’s next? Full application lifetime management from Tilson including ongoing Agile-based development to add features and scale up the application. And, more “firsts” for BroadwayHD subscribers, like being able to watch the first-ever live streaming of a musical, She Loves Me, and relive the experience whenever they want.