Tilson Provides Expedited Build-to-Suit Tower for Major Wireless Carrier After Unanticipated Damage Creates Gap in Coverage


Tilson was selected to secure a site location and develop a new tower for a major wireless carrier after a storm caused unexpected damage to the facility previously servicing the area. A quick and sound resolution was critical for our customer as the damage created a significant gap in coverage for the carrier’s customers and emergency services.


The historical Williams Opera House in Attica, New York, was the long-standing home to our customer’s wireless equipment. After the opera house was severely damaged by a windstorm in January 2020 and condemned by local officials, our customer found itself with a sudden gap in coverage. This lapse in coverage left emergency services in the village with limited communication. While a temporary solution was erected, our customer sought Tilson’s help to quickly develop a permanent, new built-to-suit tower location.


Tilson and our asset-owning affiliate, Tilson Infrastructure, rapidly began the process of locating, securing, zoning, and permitting a new tower. Tilson started by working directly with the Village of Attica to find a parcel owned by the Village, helping to secure an expeditious permitting and zoning process. Tilson and the Village agreed on a location less than a mile from the original opera house location to ensure our customer could provide equal coverage. Leveraging our expertise in every step from site acquisition through bringing the tower on-air, Tilson has been able to accelerate the process. The new built-to-suit tower went online in December 2021.

How Tilson Can Help

Supported by Tilson’s real-estate entitlement, engineering, construction, and operational capabilities, Tilson Infrastructure develops, owns, and leases back towers to carriers, wireless broadband/internet service providers, IoT, and public safety operators. With over 60 ground lease locations in high-growth areas across the county and over 200 sites under development, Tilson Infrastructure is positioned to help with any build-to-suit need.