SeaScribe App Modernizes Marine Survey Data Collection

The Biodiversity Research Institute conducts surveys of ocean wildlife to help determine the potential impact of renewable energy projects, for example off-shore wind turbine farms. Researchers venture to sea to collect data and often encounter harsh conditions that legacy technologies can’t tolerate, and have had difficulty standardizing data for use by other researchers.

Tilson collaborated with the Biodiversity Research Institute to develop SeaScribe, a data collection tool for offshore wildlife surveyors that is specifically designed to make surveying efficient and to standardize data entry and output. The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) funded SeaScribe development and the work was contracted using Tilson’s contract with the Federal GSA.

Tilson’s Application Development team designed SeaScribe to have better data checking than existing processes, improve data standardization across surveys, improve data entry, and accelerate the availability of quality-controlled data.

SeaScribe provides an easy to use, intuitive application for collection of wildlife survey data including geo-referenced effort and observation data. SeaScribe captures environmental conditions and behavioral information alongside details of each geo-referenced wildlife observation using internal or external GPS function. It runs on Android and iOS-based mobile devices, and is available on Google Play and the App Store.