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Fluor Driver Selects Tilson to Navigate Complex CMiC Financial Data Conversion & Migration


Managing data across multiple software systems without a single source of truth can lead to inefficiencies and operational challenges. Fluor Driver, Inc., a leader in plant maintenance, turnarounds, and capital projects across Canada, selected Tilson to spearhead the migration of their existing finance and accounting information into CMiC construction software. Leveraging Tilson’s expertise, Fluor successfully implemented CMiC, ensuring data integrity and meeting crucial deadlines.


Previously, Fluor Driver utilized CMiC for certain financial processes and SAP for others. Discrepancies arose when SAP transactions were not accurately or promptly integrated into CMiC, leading to issues in accounts payable and subledgers. The coexistence of these two systems posed a threat to data integrity and resulted in inaccurate reporting.

Because only certain transactions were transferred from the previous system to CMiC, migrating the data directly would result in duplicate entries and imbalanced accounts. Their parent organization mandated a complete transition to CMiC by a fixed deadline, making the task of identifying and resolving duplicate data entries daunting and time-consuming, potentially delaying the project.


Drawing upon decades of experience in data migration and system integration within the construction industry, Tilson worked closely with Fluor Driver to understand their financial data, identify their requirements and envisioned outcomes, and map a definitive course of action.

To resolve inconsistencies in accounts payable balances, Tilson carefully examined the data, setting clear standards to guarantee the accuracy of the ledgers at crucial points. Through a series of strategic ledger entries and ledger reversals, Tilson validated the accuracy of information in both CMiC and the SAP system for their respective timeframes. Then, data was merged from the old system into CMiC using journal entries, establishing a single, reliable source of truth.

Once the successful validation of the data transfer was confirmed, Tilson reviewed the CMiC data to identify and eliminate any duplicate entries, ensuring the final cleanup and balancing of the ledgers. As a result, key subledgers were reconciled to the general ledger and payroll-related liability accounts were also reconciled. Now Fluor Driver relies on CMiC for their accounting and payroll operations, confident in the accuracy and timeliness of their data and reports.

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  • Fluor Driver struggled to manage multiple softwares for their financial processes – CMiC and SAP. The coexistence of these two systems posed a threat to data integrity and resulted in inaccurate reporting.

Solutions & Services

  • Data conversion and migration of existing finance and accounting information into CMiC software.

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