Tilson Creatively Solves Intractable Challenges for Its Partners

Tilson engineered, permitted, and built 23 new poles in fewer than 6 months.


In suburban Illinois, negotiations of Master Lease Agreement with a utility provider had stalled. Our client needed expedite enhanced cellular coverage to its community.

Our Solution

Tilson’s infrastructure affiliate proposed to install new poles that our client could utilize at launch. Tilson engineered, permitted, and constructed 23 new poles in fewer than 6 months. Their master agreement, after 12 months, is still pending. Our client trusted us to think beyond the obvious and to execute quickly.

Why Tilson 

Tilson stands out from its competitors by dedicating teams of skilled professionals to solely focus on permitting in the public right-of-way. Our team of experts, the Telecom Advocacy Group (TAG) is comprised of real estate specialists, licensed attorneys, a certified planner, and paralegals who collaborate with relevant permitting authorities to swiftly and precisely execute projects that improve America’s information infrastructure. Tilson can quickly permit new pole locations, creating profitable alternatives to time-consuming master agreements with utility owners.

  • Speed-to-market solutions 
  • 50 state CLEC footprint
  • Dedicated Rright-of-way experts 
  • Relationships with carriers 
  • Creative network solutions 
  • Precise site placement 
  • Early claim on scarce locations 
  • Flexible transport options