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March 21, 2020

Dear Tilson Customers,

Tilson remains committed to building and maintaining America’s information infrastructure, which we know is critical to the ongoing functioning of the economy during and after the pandemic, as well as emergency response.

Tilson has completed its transition to social distance early last week and remains fully mission capable.

Our 630 employees are working from home on our cloud systems or working from the field in small groups. We feel comfortable that we have taken appropriate measures to safeguard our team and are prepared to support communications systems deployment and maintenance throughout the emergency.

We have letters from the Department of Homeland Security in each of our trucks providing us safe passage, and even in areas where civil authorities have ordered complete lockdowns, we have been able to work safely.
Nationwide, our team is still working:

  • Field force, tower – working in small groups in the field
  • Field force, small cell and RF tech – working in small groups in the field
  • Field force, fiber – working in small groups in the field
  • Field force, survey – working in small groups in the field
  • Professional engineering and network engineering, are working from home on the cloud
  • Real estate, permitting, and licensing are working from home on the cloud. Many permitting and licensing authorities are open again and working from home, and we are queuing completed permit and license packages in closed jurisdictions
  • Our warehouses remain functional for pickups and drop offs, and our teams can pick up materials on an offset schedule, so they are not all together
  • Consultants in our IT, utility, government, M&A technical due-diligence teams - working from home on the cloud
  • IT and business support teams, working from home in the cloud

Before the pandemic Tilson was already paperless and 100% on the cloud, so our transition to social distance has been relatively smooth.

While we are running into new roadblocks in our work in this emergency, overcoming roadblocks is what we do.

Ping us if you need us, we are here for you.


Joshua Broder, CEO




Tilson is proud to work with organizations across the industry who share our values of safety in order to monitor and respond to this rapidly developing situation.


Tilson is proud to be a member of the National Association of Tower Erectors, dedicated to providing a unified voice for companies in the diverse tower and communications infrastructure construction, service and maintenance industries.


Tilson is proud to be a member of the Wireless Infrastructure Association, supporting the widespread deployment of wireless infrastructure in order to deliver broadband access to all citizens and communities. 


National Safety Council

Tilson is a proud member of the National Safety Council, the public service organization promoting health and safety in the United States.


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