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Ryan Rodel

Project Manager

Ryan Rodel was working as the office manager of a Seattle letterpress print shop when he happened to meet Josh Broder, Tilson’s CEO. A Maine native and Colby graduate, Ryan had been looking for a way to return to his home state. Josh’s description of Tilson piqued his interest. While Ryan thought his degree in music with a minor in Japanese might not seem an ideal match, he has found his niche here.


After several months of contract work, Ryan joined Tilson as a full-time employee. He took a leading role in fiber testing and quality on the Three Ring Binder project, becoming a technical expert in it. This 1100-mile fiber optic installation covers a large swath of rural Maine.


He is currently the project coordinator for the Northeast Carrier Wireless Division. The five crews in this group do everything related to 4G/LTE and other tower work. Ryan’s responsibilities include scheduling, coordinating with clients, invoicing, preparing new sites, and handling timekeeping and expenses.


Ryan has enjoyed helping Tilson grow from a company that did wireless project consulting to one that now provides complete turnkey wireless solutions. He derives a true sense of ownership from being part of the group that built his division from scratch.


He feels the people he works with share his passion for getting the job done. The office staff have varied backgrounds, yet they are all good at working collaboratively to develop new processes. He finds they all have a great deal of respect for their coworkers, both in the office and in the field.


Ryan lives in Portland’s Old Port, so his commute to work is a five-minute walk. He can also walk to venues such as Merrill Auditorium to listen to musical performances. When Ryan wants to get out of town, he heads to Vinalhaven, an island in Penobscot Bay, where he helps friends with their homebuilding projects.