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Kim Shelley

Senior Developer

Kim Shelley is a Senior Developer. After working as an independent contractor for 15 years, she thought it was time for a change. She spotted an ad for a job at Tilson and started with the company two weeks later.


Kim develops custom software applications for clients in anything from the medical field to the construction industry. Her toolkit includes many different programming languages. The challenge of working on such a variety of projects is one of the appealing parts of her job. She might be involved in a single large project or several smaller ones at any given time.


A recent large project for TWI, an international corporation, had Kim traveling to Germany and Dubai. Closer to home, she has been involved in several projects for Maine Fiber Company to help them track construction, maintenance, and lighting of fiber optic cable. She has also worked recently with a credit card processing company and a medical records company.


The opportunity to work from her home in midcoast Maine, 100 miles from the Portland office, is something Kim really appreciates. She values this independence and the trust placed in her by the management team.


While she may only be in the office once or twice a month, she feels a great camaraderie with her coworkers. Like her, they know many different technologies and bring a wealth of work experience into the mix.


Kim has observed that software development is often over budget. She feels Tilson really stands out by delivering on time and within budget to its customers.


When she is not working, Kim might take her black lab mix, Willy, out on a local pond in her kayak or for a hike in the woods. Other interests include vegetable and flower gardening and cheering on the University of Maine ice hockey team.


Kim earned a B.S. in Architecture from Ohio State and an M.S. in Computer Graphics from Cornell. Her career got off to an unusual start in Hollywood, where she did special effects for television and film.