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Kelly Brewer

Manager, Telecom Operations

Kelly Brewer is Tilson’s Construction Services Manager. She oversees construction service operations in all three regional offices on the east coast. The 50 tower climbers in her group do tower modifications, structural upgrades, and line and antenna work for wireless deployments.


Kelly started as a project administrator, then quickly moved to a consultant role with bigger projects and accounts. She ably took over the final phase of the Three Ring Binder project to expand broadband access in rural Maine, during the challenging test and close-out phase. When Tilson opened the Wireless Construction Division, she headed up operations.


“Tilson is a great place to have a career,” Kelly says. “You’ll learn more here than you would ever imagine. If I had gone into a large company, I probably wouldn’t have the opportunities I have now.”


Kelly feels employees can create their own careers here, because the company taps into what employees do best. “You are in charge of your destiny at Tilson,” she observes.


 Kelly cites Tilson’s home office location as a draw in choosing it. “I could work for a company that does jobs all over the world but I could do that from my favorite place, Portland, Maine.” She makes her home with her family down a quiet dirt road by a lake, just 30 minutes away.


While she generally works in the office, she appreciates the flexibility to work from home when needed, or to take a child to a weekday doctor’s appointment. She feels Tilson is very supportive of women in the construction and IT industries.


Days off might find Kelly boating with her family on the lake, playing with their two basset hounds, or heading back into Portland to check out another great restaurant.