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Meet Tilson Employees

Kim Shelley

Senior Developer
Kim Shelley is a Senior Developer. After working as an independent contractor for 15 years, she thought it was time for a change. She spotted an ad for a job at Tilson and started with the company two weeks later.

Ryan Rodel

Project Manager
Ryan Rodel was working as the office manager of a Seattle letterpress print shop when he happened to meet Josh Broder, Tilson’s CEO. A Maine native and Colby graduate, Ryan had been looking for a way to return to his home state. Josh’s description of Tilson piqued his interest. While Ryan thought his degree in music with a minor in Japanese might not seem an ideal match, he has found his niche here.

Kelly Brewer

Manager, Telecom Operations
Kelly Brewer is Tilson’s Construction Services Manager. She oversees construction service operations in all three regional offices on the east coast. The 50 tower climbers in her group do tower modifications, structural upgrades, and line and antenna work for wireless deployments.

Doreen Bell

Director Of Business Systems
Doreen Bell, the Director of Business Systems, joined Tilson in 2009. After years of working as a self-employed consultant, she wanted to join a collaborative team of intelligent, dedicated and passionate technology professionals. She found Tilson to be the perfect fit.