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At Tilson, safety is our first priority. To that end, we work hard to build a safety culture that gets us into good habits and establishes cultural norms about how we operate.

The goal of our safety culture is to prevent future accidents- zero workplace injuries. We believe that zero workplace injuries is achievable. Here are the safety cultural characteristics that we value:

  • Empowerment- if any team member sees something, they are empowered (and obligated) to speak up and halt work to prevent future accidents. It’s every employee’s responsibility to observe at risk behavior and call it out.
  • Transparency- we analyze and report on what happens so we can all learn from what happened. We do this not to assign blame or punish, but to prevent future accidents. Employees are obligated to report accidents and near misses immediately so we can learn from them.
  • Judgment- accidents tend to be multi-factor. In addition to whatever ultimately caused the accident, there are usually conditions that contributed to it happening like worker fatigue, insufficient supervision, inexperience, lack of personal protective equipment, or a rushed schedule. Employees must focus on using good judgment to set the right conditions for safety, not just prevent the ultimate cause to prevent future accidents.

We owe it to our fellow team members and customers to keep an eye out for at-risk behaviors on the job site, to set the right conditions for safety, and to be open about reporting on what happens to prevent future accidents. These safety cultural characteristics are a daily conversation with our management and employees. 

Tilson’s wireless tower team adheres to standards set by the National Association of Tower Erectors (NATE), and Tilson fields team members trained on OSHA standards, first air/CPR, blood borne pathogens, and risk prevention and control. 

Tilson is a participant in the NATE STAR Initiative. STAR stands for Safety Training Accountability and Reliability.  Tilson has made a commitment to the highest levels of tower safety by agreeing to participate in a rigorous regime of training, auditing, and reporting on safety and quality.

The NATE STAR program requires that contractors:

  • provide specific training and certifications to tower climbers and managers in the field
  • implement a Safety and Health and Accident Prevention Program
  • ensure that there will be a competent person for health and safety on all job sites at all times
  • conduct and submit site safety audits for 10% of projects
  • deploy and abide by various NATE mandated standards, checklists, and reports