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Joshua Broder

Chief Executive Officer
Joshua Broder serves as CEO and owns Tilson, which under his leadership, has grown from less than 10 employees to 100 in less than five years. From 2010-2013, Josh led several large, successful Recovery Act funded technology infrastructure projects in New England for Tilson.

Mike Dow

Founder and Principal Consultant - Tilson
Mike Dow is Founder and Principal Consultant at Tilson. Prior to that he was the Senior Vice President-Operations at Theodor Wille Intertrade, a global supply chain company serving US interests abroad.

Mike Svigelj

Mike Svigelj joined Tilson in 2015 as Controller. With over 16 years of construction finance and accounting experience, Mike oversees the accounting group at Tilson and works closely with operations and the other executives to provide financial reporting, forecasting, and analysis that is key to company growth via existing operations and through potential M&A activity.