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Doug Morrell

Co President - SGC Engineering, LLC

Mr. Morrell has over 35 years of experience in management, engineering design, project management and development, regulatory and operations. He has worked on both public and private sector projects, with extensive experience managing a broad range of issues related to the electric utility business. As the Manager of Plant Engineering at Bangor Hydro Electric Co., Mr. Morrell was responsible for managing the internal generation facilities consisting of hydro, both Peaking and Run-of-River, storage dams and steam generation. He was responsible for design, regulatory affairs such as FERC Licensing, redevelopment and improvements of generation facilities, in addition to environmental services and compliance. He also represented Bangor Hydro as a member of the Maine Yankee Nuclear Power Plant Board of Directors.


In 2002 Mr. Morrell incorporated SGC Engineering, LLC a professional services firm providing engineering and related services to the Energy Industry. The company grew to approximately 95 employees with several offices located across the country. The firm was recognized as the 47th fastest growing A/E/P firm in North America by ZwigWhite in 2008.


In 2010, SGC was acquired by Senergy LTD, a privately held, Aberdeen, Scotland based energy services firm with 450 employees and offices throughout the world. Mr. Morrell continues as Co President of SGC Engineering, LLC.