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Board of Directors and Advisors

At Tilson, we believe that good decision making, sustainable growth, and a culture of transparency and integrity don’t happen in a vacuum. Tilson is advised by a seasoned group of organization leaders that meet with the management team regularly.

Joshua Broder

Chief Executive Officer
Joshua Broder serves as CEO and owns Tilson, which under his leadership, has grown from less than 10 employees to 100 in less than five years. From 2010-2013, Josh led several large, successful Recovery Act funded technology infrastructure projects in New England for Tilson.

Paul Anderson

Board Member, BP, former CEO Duke Energy
Paul Anderson was formerly chief executive at BHP Billiton and Duke Energy, where he also served as chairman of the board.

Gary Merrill

Vice President, Finance of Hussey Seating
Gary retuned to Hussey Seating in November 2008 as Vice President of Finance / CFO, after holding the same position at The Emery-Waterhouse Company since 2004. Prior to that he had worked at Hussey Seating in a variety of positions in Finance, Operations, and International Sourcing. He began his career working for the international accounting firm Coopers & Lybrand, now PriceWaterhouseCoopers.

Jill McGowan

Found and Owner, Jill McGowan, Inc.
Jill McGowan is the founder and owner of the apparel company, Jill McGowan, Inc. While working as a pattern maker in the men's apparel industry early in her career, Jill recognized the need to improve the quality and standards of women's apparel.

Doug Morrell

Co President - SGC Engineering, LLC
Mr. Morrell has over 35 years of experience in management, engineering design, project management and development, regulatory and operations. He has worked on both public and private sector projects, with extensive experience managing a broad range of issues related to the electric utility business.

Nathaniel Henshaw

Managing Director - CEI Ventures
Nat co-founded CEI Ventures in 1994 to manage socially responsible venture capital funds. He made his first CEI equity investment in 1988 and was responsible for developing CEI's venture capital program

Mike Dow

Founder and Principal Consultant - Tilson
Mike Dow is Founder and Principal Consultant at Tilson. Prior to that he was the Senior Vice President-Operations at Theodor Wille Intertrade, a global supply chain company serving US interests abroad.

Richard Schotte

Investor and President of the Maine Capital Strategies Corporation
Richard Schotte is a successful telecom investor and fund manager. Richard recently sold Oxford Networks, a Maine ILEC, CLEC, and cloud services provider to a Canadian venture fund after serving on the board since 2009. Richard is currently retired after a career in investment management.