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Tilson is an information technology professional services and network construction company working in the following practice areas:

  • Wireless site acquisition, construction, and maintenance for cellular, smart grid, and government
  • Fiber optic engineering, permitting, and construction management
  • Information systems for the construction industry
  • Software development and systems integration
  • Consulting in IT strategy, IT team leadership, project management, information security, broadband development, and energy capital project development    


Our mission is to serve our customers by building, integrating, and maintaining the information technology and communications infrastructure that enables great organizations to innovate and deliver.


Tilson is the world leader in executing information and communications technology projects. We accomplish this with a team of experts working collaboratively on meaningful, impactful projects for great clients. Our team environment fosters intellectual curiosity, motivates employees, and cultivates talented people who work with purpose, mastery, and autonomy. We strive to listen to our clients, partner with them as a team, and accept their goals as our own.


We will run our business sustainably, for its financial health, its people and the public good. We believe in:

  • Safety- above bottom line. Cutting corners is never an option.
  • Integrity- we do what is right, even if doing so puts us at a temporary disadvantage.
  • Accountability- everyone at Tilson is accountable for the work we do as a whole.
  • Professionalism- be trusted by our clients to be their ‘get it done’ team.
  • Respect- for our employees, clients, and partners.
  • Composure- we are comfortable in chaos and trust that we will always find a way through any challenge.